Ski Area Slopes

40 km of slopes, covered with fresh snow, or, if needed, with the artificial snow made by 102 snow cannons and 84 nozzles.

Every night 8 powerful snow-cats manipulate and groom the snow to guarantee the best possible snow conditions for the entertainment of our customers and the satisfaction of great skiing performances.

When you have become familiar with skis and snowboards, you are ready to confront  the acquired skills on the legendary Tofane ski tracks. Up there, the tracks bear names that recall the emotions of the Olympic Games; the Pomedes Schuss where the racers of the womens World Cup reach 120 km/h, Stratofana Olimpica, Vertigine Bianca, Canalone, Labirinti, Cacciatori.  All these tracks have been entered into the history of skiing and every year, since 1993, have been the stage for the Women’s World Cup races.

Mappa impianti e piste Tofana, Pocol, Falzarego a Cortina d'Ampezzo

Come down with us on the ski slopes


OLIMPIA DELLE TOFANE is one of the most famous ski slopes in Italy. It owes its name to the 1956 Winter Olympics when it hosted the men’s Alpine skiing race which was won by the Austrian Toni Sailer.

Every January since 1993 the women battle it out on this slope in the World Cup races.

It has been one of the key slopes in the Alpine Ski World Championships, hold in Cortina d’Ampezzo in 2021, and the ladies’ Alpine skiing competition will be contested here during the Milan-Cortina 2026 Winter Olympics.

Many athletes on the international circuit have a soft spot for Olimpia delle Tofane, including our own Sofia Goggia, the US athlete Lindsey Vonn and the Austrian Renate Goetschel.







Tofana is non only accessible to expert skiers: the suggestive Tofanina, at the arrival of the Piè Tofana chairlift at 2100m, is an easy slope where ski-instructors are often found leading their children and beginners in a unique skiing experience, “a walk through the forest”.
It has, for the most part, been widened, modelled according to the old route it has been made easier and safer and features a very modern snow making plant. All of which allows you to enjoy the pleasure of skiing for as long as possible during the season.




The Olimpia chairlift at Pocol takes you into a veritable ski paradise both for beginners and well trained skiers. Here the wide variety of moderate slopes allows everyone to relax and enjoy their entertaining sports performances. Socrepes is the most convenient and easily accessible location from which to reach all the uphill facilities; it also features a parking area for the coaches, ski rental services and a branch of the Cortina Ski School and of the Azzurra Ski School.

Campo Scuola Baby 413 mt 35 mt blu 16
27 Roncato 1006 mt 159 mt blu 17
28 San Zan 1132 mt 184 mt blu 17
25 Socrepes 332 mt 50 mt blu 18
26 Redonce’ 901 mt 174 mt blu 18
19 Coston Del Falco 1109 mt 166 mt blu 14
21 Olimpia 1506 mt 209 mt blu 14
22 Prati 1396 mt 212 mt blu 14
23 Rosà 536 mt 46 mt blu 14
29 Col Taron 863 mt 135 mt blu 19
33 Vertigine Bianca 871 mt 334 mt nero 21
34 Cacciatori 545 mt 217 mt rosso 21
37 Labirinti 683 mt 248 mt nero 21
38 Tofanina 3418 mt 418 mt blu 21
32 Canalone 2040 mt 618 mt rosso 21-22
35 Stratofana Olimpica Completa 2402 mt 760 mt nero 19-21-22
35 Stratofana Olimpica 1st run (Schuss slope) 689 mt 212 mt nero 22
31 Vallon di Pomedes 927 mt 204 mt rosso 22
36 Caprioli 832 mt 181 mt rosso 22
NAME: Campo Scuola Baby LENGTH: 413 mt V.DROP: 35 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 16
N. 27 NAME: Roncato LENGTH: 1006 mt V.DROP: 159 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 17
N. 28 NAME: San Zan LENGTH: 1132 mt V.DROP: 184 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.:1 7
N. 25 NAME: Socrepes LENGTH: 332 mt V.DROP: 50 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 18
N. 26 NAME: Redonce’ LENGTH: 901 mt V.DROP: 174 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 18
N. 19 NAME: Coston Del Falco LENGTH: 1109 mt V.DROP: 166 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LLIFT N.: 14
N. 20 NAME: Nord – Ovest LENGTH: 589 mt V.DROP: 94 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 14
N. 21 NAME: Olimpia LENGTH: 1506 mt V.DROP: 209 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 14
N. 22 NAME: Prati LENGTH: 1396 mt V.DROP: 212 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 14
N. 23 NAME: Rosà LENGTH: 536 mt V.DROP: 46 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 14
N. 29 NAME: Col Taron LENGTH: 863 mt V.DROP: 135 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 19
N. 33 NAME: Vertigine Bianca LENGTH: 871 mt V.DROP: 334 mt DIFFICULTY: nero LIFT N.: 21
N. 34 NAME: Cacciatori LENGTH: 545 mt V.DROP: 217 mt DIFFICULTY: rosso LIFT N.: 21
N. 37 NAME: Labirinti LENGTH: 683 mt V.DROP: 248 mt DIFFICULTY: nero LIFT N.: 21
N. 38 NAME: Tofanina LENGTH: 3418 mt V.DROP: 418 mt DIFFICULTY: blu LIFT N.: 21
N. 32 NAME: Canalone LENGTH: 2040 mt V.DROP: 618 mt DIFFICULTY: rosso LIFT N.: 21-22
N. 35 NAME: Stratofana Olimpica Completa LENGTH: 2402 mt V.DROP: 760 mt DIFFICULTY: rosso LIFT N.: 19-21-22
N. 35 NAME: Stratofana Olimpica 1st run (Schuss slope) LENGTH: 689 mt V.DROP: 212 mt DIFFICULTY: nero LIFT N.: 22
N. 31 NAME: Vallon di Pomedes LENGTH: 927 mt V.DROP: 204 mt DIFFICULTY: rosso LIFT N.: 22
N. 36 NAME: Caprioli LENGTH: 832 mt V.DROP: 181 mt DIFFICULTY: rosso LIFT N.: 22