Vie Ferrate and Alpine Climbs

In the summer the most picturesque mountainscapes can be reached by the Tofana chairlifts!

Via Ferrata “Ra Bujela” and Via “Ferrata Ra Pegna”

Via Ferrata “Ra Pegna”

The equipped path FOR ALL THE FAMILY!


Initial height 2,145 m asl.
Max. height 2,241 m asl.
Max. difference in altitude 100 m
Details: 150 m (wall) + 50 m (peak)
Difficulty: F (easy)
Duration: about 1 hour


Via Ferrata “Ra Bujela”

For all those passionate about the mountains that want to engage in mountaineering for the first time with equipped trails.


Attack altitude 2150 m s.l.m.
Altitude max 2257 m s.l.m.
Gradient max 100 m
Gradient max 150 m (rock face) + 100 m (crest)
Difficulty MD (medium difficulty)
Time needed about 1 hours 30 minutes


More Vie Ferrate in the Tofana Area

Rifugio Pomedes (2303 mt.) – Via ferrata Giuseppe Olivieri to Punta Anna.

This exposed and demanding climbing route is recommended only to expert climbers with suitable equipment. One of the most spectacular vie ferrate in the Dolomites for the dramatic views and the breathtaking emotions it offers all along the route. The route, officially opened in 1972, starts just above Rifugio Pomedes, at the foot of Punta Anna and climbs up its ridge to reach the summit at 2731 m. From the summit the descent can be either down the ledge and across the scree slope to Rifugio Giussani or you may continue climbing up the ridge as far as Bus de Tofana and from there descend on the itinerary Ra Valles – Rifugio Giussani.

Rifugio Pomedes (2303 mt.) – Ra Valles
through Via ferrata “Giuseppe Olivieri” on Torrioni di Pomedes.

This very exposed mountaineering route is recommended only to experienced climbers with suitable equipment.
From Rifugio Pomedes, follow the trail to the north across the scree slope as far the foot of Torrioni Pomedes and take the via ferrata route that leads quickly up to Ra Valles in about 1.30 hour, along narrow gulleys and ledges.
Walk across the ski slopes to reach the “Freccia nel Cielo” cable car station and return to Cortina.

Ferrata LipellaTofana di Rozes.

This demanding via ferrata is recommended only to experienced climbers with suitable equipment. A torch is necessary.

Start from Rifugio Dibona and climb up trail no. 442 as far as the  intersection with trail no. 404 at the foot of imposing Tofana di Rozes. The route starts through the long tunnel of the Castelletto as far as the Tre Dita. From there you can either ascend to the summit of Tofana di Rozes or descend to Rifugio Giussani.

Tofana di Rozes (3225 mt.) climbing up the Grohmann classic route.

This alpine route, recommended only to expert climbers with suitable equipment, leads to one of the highest summits in the Ampezzo Valley.

From Rifugio Giussani, follow the classic route, opened as early as 1864, over scree slopes and easy rocks, up the wide east face of Tofana as far an Italian military emplacement (“Tre Dita”) and then to a shoulder at 3000 m of altitude. Then follow the ridge, almost always covered by snow, as far as the cross on the summit. The climb from the Rifugio to the summit takes about two hours and is demanding, but the fatigue will be highly rewarded by the breathtaking views all around.