The latest attractions of the Tofana area are the cable rope climb “via ferrata de Ra Bujela” and the path “Sentiero dei Camosci”. Two itineraries, designed for climbing and hiking enthusiasts, and that complete an already vast number of summer excursions.

Via Ferrata “Ra Bujela”

was designed by the ISTA society, realized in collaboration with the Alpine Guides of Cortina and has been named after Maria and Andrea Ferrari who’s family partly financed the operation.

The starting point is easily reached by our chairlift that starts from Piè Tofana and in who’s immediate vicinity one can benefit from the services offered by the mountain huts “Pomedes” and “Duca d’Aosta”.

The new route, equipped with 2 walkways respectively 7m and 3m long, is constructed along the right side of the Pomedes tower, which faces Tofana, called “Ra Bujela” (the one on the left is called Ra Pegna). It is of medium difficulty, develops over 150 meters on the cliff and 100 meters on the crest, has a gradient of 100 meters and an excursion time estimated at 1 and a half hours. This itinerary was intended to become a sort of “gym” suitable for those users who undertake these types of equipped paths for the first time and as a valid alternative, in the case of instable weather conditions, to longer and more challenging routes.

“Il sentiero dei Camosci” – The Chamois Trail

was realised with the idea to provide the area with a panoramic path of moderate steepness that would allow excursionists to comfortably descend from Duca d’Aosta to the parking space at Piè Tofana o visa versa.

Picnic areas, equipped with tables and benches, have been predisposed at strategic points along the path, where one can rest or picnic while gazing upon the breath-taking views offered by the Ampezzano valley. The Sentiero dei Camosci (path of the mountain goats) was so named because the path crosses an area with elevated valuable natural characteristics, where it is very easy to see these ungulates that populate the alpine areas. This path is very suitable for families and children, especially if taken to descend, so much so as to have become the new CAI path n.405.

The path is included amongst the Canalone and Forcella Rossa ski slopes and has an altitude between 2070m and 1875m. The first part of the path winds in a zigzag over the Canalone slope, after which it skirts the high overhanging cliffs until reaching the proximity of the Forcella Rossa slope where it finally joins the CAI path n.407; from here in no time, in the middle of the forest, it reaches Piè Tofana (parking and chair-lift).