• ISTA has managed lift facilities for 56 years? In 1965 the company managed three lifts.

  • ISTA was among the first companies in the Veneto region to make use of an automatically detachable chairlift, the first company to replace tow-lifts with chairlifts, and the first to build a 6-seater chairlift.

  • Our lift facilities transport 17,000 people an hour?

  • The cost of each chair of a 6-seater chair lift is equal to that of a small car and weighs 580 kg?

  • Artificial snow (programmed snow in technical terms) has existed since 1985? Today ISTA has 8 snow-cats, or slope groomers, all with Euro 4 engines, as well as 102 snow cannons and 84 snow guns for snow making. In a winter with average snowfall, we make 400,000 cubic meters of snow, using 170,000 cubic meters of water, cold temperatures and lots of love for our work.

  • Every slope groomer costs about €490,000.00 and every snowmaker about €43,000.00?
  • 1 cubic meter of snow costs on average €1.50?

  • For your safety all the ropes and cables of our lift facilities are inspected periodically, with a type of in-depth X-ray examination of the entire rope performed annually to monitor the level of wear and tear.

  • All our chairlifts are fitted with three brake systems, which operate either automatically or manually, controlled by an operator. Each brake has the power to stop the lift in all operating conditions.

  • During the periods of closure, from May to November, 18 specialists work to maintain our systems and to keep our slopes, snowmaking facilities, machinery and lift facilities in perfect working condition.

  • The care with which we have managed our territory since the 1960s, when the terms ecology and environment were virtually unknown, has sowed the seeds for the sustainable future of our slopes?

The Piè Tofana chairlift arrives at the foot of the track of the legendary ski slope Schuss, where the Madonna of the Schuss, inserted into a beautiful natural niche in the rock, has held vigil since 1955. She was placed there by Don Alberto Pala during a thanksgiving mass after the successful completion of the massive and dangerous work carried out in preparation for the 1956 Olympics. Since then the Madonna has watched over the skiers and hikers frequenting the area.