Baby Ranch Dolomiti and Baby Farm


There’s something new for visitors – riding stables where kids can experience the thrill of climbing on a horse!!

Ponies Iside, Iusas, Irene and Spirit are patiently waiting for you under the supervision of Robin Hood, “the gentle giant”, who belongs to the largest breed in the world, the Shire horse.

Theory and practical sessions will be held by instructor Elettra Monico to teach children how to handle the ponies correctly, so they can work together and master exercises in and out of the saddle.


Just a short distance from the fantastic play area located at the arrival station of the Socrepes chair lift are fields where visitors can meet gentle and affectionate mohair goats, lively fun-loving Tibetan goats and cute miniature pigs; a visit to the farm is a great way of teaching children respect for animals and their habitat and love for their beautiful natural surroundings.