Cortina Skyline

open from 1st July to 10th September 2023

For the first time, the new Cortina Skyline gondola lift, inaugurated in 2021, will also be open in Summer. The lift connects the Tofane area (Son dei Prade) with the 5 Torri area (Bai de Dones).

Valley tickets and Supersummer cards are valid.


The Cortina Skyline  is equipped with two automatically coupling gondola lifts connected to each other with an intermediate station. It has an initial hourly capacity of 1100 people, which can be increased up to 1800, with 54 ten-seat cabins. It develops over a route of almost 5 kilometers (4,600 metres) which can be covered in about 15 minutes.

The first section extends from Son dei Prade, to Pocol at the foot of the Tofane, to Cianzopè. The second section extends from the intermediate station to Bai de Dones in the 5 Torri area.

The system, built by the LEITNER ropeways company, connects the two slopes overlooking Cortina and puts the Tofane in communication with the Cinque Torri-Passo Falzarego area in just 15 minutes. It is no longer necessary to travel by car to go from one path to another.

A new and wider opportunity to travel for hikers, and for those who love walking, climbing or cycling.

Tickets for individual rides can be purchased at the TICKET KIOSK automatic cash machine located at the departure point of the gondola lift in Son dei Prade.

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